Selected publications

Selected recent publications

  • Costa-Almeida R,* Carvalho DTO,* Ferreira MJS,* Aresta G,* Gomes ME, Van Loon JJWA, Van der Heiden K, Granja PL. Effects of hypergravity on the angiogenic potential of endothelial cells. J R Soc Interface 2016;13:20160688. (IF 3.818) * Equal contribution.
  • Dias J, Granja PL*, Bártolo PJ*. Advances in electrospun skin substitutes. Prog Mater Sci, In Press 2016. (IF 31.083) * Equal contribution.
  • Branco da Cunha C, Klumpers DD, Koshy ST, Weaver JC, Chaudhuri O, Seruca R, Carneiro F, Granja PL, Mooney DJ. CD44 alternative splicing in gastric cancer cells is regulated by culture dimensionality. Biomaterials 2016;98:152-62. (IF 8.387)
  • Araújo F, Shrestha N, Gomes MJ, Liu D, Hirvonen J, Granja PL, Santos HA, Sarmento B. In vivo dual-delivery of glucagon like peptide -1 (GLP-1) and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP4) inhibitor through composites prepared by microfluidics for diabetes therapy. Nanoscale 2016;8:10706. (IF 7.760)
  • Neves SC, Mota C, Longoni A, Barrias CC, Granja PL, Moroni L. Additive manufactured polymeric 3D scaffolds with tailored surface topography influence mesenchymal stromal cells activity. Biofabrication 2016;8:025012. (IF 4.702)
  • Neves MI, Wechsler ME, Gomes ME, Reis RL, Granja PL*, Peppas NA*. Molecularly imprinted intelligent scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. Tissue Eng B, In Press 2016. (IF 3.892) * Equal contribution.
  • Araújo F, Shrestha N, Shahbazi M-A, Liu D, Herranz-Blanco B, Mäkilä E, Salonen J, Hirvonen J, Granja PL, Sarmento B, Santos HA. Microfluidic assembly of a multimodal tailorable system designed for site specific combined oral delivery of peptide-drug. ACS Nano 2015;9:8291-302. (IF 13.334)
  • Pereira C, Araújo F, Barrias CC, Granja PL, Sarmento B. Dissecting stromal-epithelial interactions in a 3D in vitro cellularized intestinal model for permeability studies. Biomaterials 2015;56:36-45. (IF 8.387)Fonseca KB, Granja PL, Barrias CC. Engineering proteolytically-degradable artificial extracellular matrices. Prog Polym Sci 2014;39:2010-29. (IF 26.854) PDF
  • Neves SC, Gomes DB, Sousa A, Bidarra SJ, Petrini P, Moroni L, Barrias CC, Granja PL. Biofunctionalized pectin hydrogels as 3D cellular microenvironments. J Mater Chem B 2015;3:2096-108. (IF 4.872)
  • Araújo F, Shrestha N, Shahbazi M-A, Fonte P, Mäkilä E, Salonen J, Hirvonen J, Granja PL, Santos HA, Sarmento B. The impact of nanoparticles on the mucosal translocation and transport of GLP-1 across the intestinal epithelium. Biomaterials 2014;35:9199-207. (IF 8.312) PDF
  • Branco da Cunha C, Klumpers DD, Li WA, Koshy ST, Weaver JC, Chaudhuri O, Granja PL, Mooney DJ. Influence of the stiffness of three-dimensional alginate/collagen-I interpenetrating networks on fibroblast biology. Biomaterials 2014;35:8927-36. (IF 8.312) PDF
  • Maia FR, Barbosa M, Gomes DB, Vale N, Gomes P, Granja PL, Barrias CC. Hydrogel depots for local co-delivery of osteoinductive peptides and mesenchymal stem cells. J Control Rel 2014;189:158-168. (IF 7.261) PDF
  • Bidarra SJ, Barrias CC, Granja PL. Injectable alginate hydrogels for cell delivery in tissue engineering. Acta Biomater 2014;10:1646-62. (IF 5.684) PDF
  • Guerreiro SG, Oliveira MJ, Barbosa MA, Soares R, Granja PL. Neonatal human dermal fibroblasts immobilized in RGD-alginate induce angiogenesis. Cell Transplant 2014;23:945-957. (IF 3.570) PDF
  • Pereira RF, Barrias CC, Granja PL, Bartolo PJ. Advanced biofabrication strategies for skin regeneration and repair. Nanomedicine 2013;8:1-19. (IF 5.824) PDF
  • Guerreiro SG, Brochhausen C, Negrão R, Barbosa MA, Unger RE, Kirkpatrick CJ, Soares R, Granja PL. Implanted neonatal human dermal fibroblasts influence the recruitment of endothelial cells in mice. Biomatter 2012;2:1-10. (No IF; starting journal) PDF
  • Bidarra SJ, Barrias CC, Fonseca KB, Barbosa MA, Soares R, Granja PL. Evaluation of injectable in situ crosslinkable alginate matrix for endothelial cells delivery. Biomaterials 2011;32:7897-904. (IF 7.404) PDF
  • Bidarra SJ, Barrias CC, Barbosa MA, Soares R, Amédée J, Granja PL. Phenotypic and proliferative modulation of human mesenchymal stem cells via endothelial cell crosstalk. Stem Cell Res 2011;7:186-97. (IF 5.127) PDF
  • Munarin F, Guerreiro S, Grellier M, Petrini P, Tanzi MC, Barbosa MA, Granja PL. Pectin-based injectable biomaterials for bone tissue engineering. Biomacromolecules 2011;12:568-77. (IF 5.479) PDF
  • Fonseca KB, Bidarra SJ, Oliveira MJ, Granja PL, Barrias CC. Molecularly-designed alginate hydrogels susceptible to local proteolysis as 3D cellular microenvironments. Acta Biomater 2011;7:1674-82. (IF 4.865) PDF
  • Cunha CB, Oliveira C, Wen X, Gomes B, Sousa S, Suriano G, Grellier M, Huntsman D, Carneiro F, Granja PL, Seruca R. De novo expression of CD44 variants in sporadic and hereditary gastric cancer. Lab Invest 2010;90:1604-14. (IF 4.405) PDF

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