In June we celebrate our 25 years with 25 sardines to explain 25 projects

ineb25_smallJune 12 to 30, 2014, Bom Sucesso Market & Manuel António da Mota Foundation, Porto

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we are organizing several public events, concentrated in the month of June 2014, under the motto ” Biomedical Engineering in a Quarter of Ideas”.

I invite everyone to visit the Bom Sucesso Market, from 16 to 30 June, 2014, in Porto, where we explain 25 of our projects using sardines, the symbol of our St. John festivities. At that time we are also organizing a cycle of public debates, steered by national public figures, on topics of general interest from Biomedical Engineering, such as human enhancement, the role of technology in health care and in immortality.

For the exhibition, we selected 25 projects from the most relevant developed at INEB since its foundation and explain them using sardines. We decided to organize a unique and unforgettable exhibition and, for that, we challenged our researchers to explain their projects using a symbol for this time of year and also a national one, which is the sardine. We intend that this unusual association between sardines and biomedical engineering to cause enough interest in a visit.

For researchers the effort was well worth it because the whole process broke our routine in a fun way and with an amazing result.

For the general public we are convinced that the exhibition will be both surprising and stunning. In conjunction with the public debates, this exhibition also aims to make the general public aware of developments to come for the near future, as well as to promote a reflection on their impact on our society.

The cycle of debates, to start on the 12th, will be driven by several national personalities linked to INEB, such as Alexandre Quintanilla (ICBAS/IBMC), Mário Barbosa (ICBAS/INEB) and Jerónimo de Sousa (CRPG). These debates are conceived to openly discuss controversial issues about the future of man in its technological dimension.

Further details are available at

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