Inclusion of Biomatter in Medline (Index Medicus)

NLMIt is with great pleasure that we announce the selection of Biomatter for indexing in Medline (Index Medicus).

Medline, which is Part of the US National Library of Medicine, is freely available through PubMed and is the most prestigious and widely used database of biomedical literature. Considering Medline’s stringent requirements for indexing new journals, this inclusion confirms the quality of Biomatter. Being indexed will be instrumental in increasing the visibility of the journal and thus reaching more readers, who find the articles they are interested in through Pubmed. Medline has back- indexed Biomatter’s contents since its first issue in September 2011.

The achievement of this important milestone for the journal would not have been possible without the help and support of our Editorial Board members, our reviewers, our authors and our Editorial team. I especially thank our current Editors, Liz Gilmer, Betsy Granger and Kimberly Mitchell, as well as our past Editors Kathryn Sauceda, Tara Barton and Kristine Pipit, for their thorough and timely efforts in several aspects involved in bringing this journal’s contents to its audience.

This inclusion in Medline also increases our responsibility and commitment to assure the quality of Biomatter’s scientific content, given the expectable increase in submissions, which will require even more rigor in the selection of accepted manuscripts.

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