The first issue of Biomatter is online!

It is with great pleasure and honor that I introduce Biomatter, a new international and transdisciplinary journal for the publication of peer-reviewed original research exploring the clinical and laboratory investigations in the field of science and application of biomaterials.

Recent developments in medicine have resulted in a considerable and unprecedented increase in lifespan. The invention of artificial implants made from biomaterials in the 1960s created a whole new scientific field and resulted in revolutionary technologies that strongly contributed to this increase in life expectancy. Since then, many exciting advancements shaped modern biomaterials science, which itself originated several new fields, with biology playing a major role and where the separation between engineering and health sciences can hardly be distinguished. Current and future research efforts in this field are believed to result in new therapeutic approaches to prevent and treat debilitating and life-threatening diseases.Biomatter intends to be on the forefront of disclosing these developments.

Biomatter appears as a forum to discuss and disclose the relevant advancements in the exciting and fast-growing field of science and application of biomaterials. It is widely anticipated that current and upcoming advances will soon result in products with potential to dramatically change the way in which we live, probably with yet-unimaginable future implications in healthcare.

Full Letter from the Editor:
Welcome to Biomatter. In Biomatter 2011;1:1-2.

Related news:
Pedro Granja e editor-chefe da revista internacional Biomatter. In (only in Portuguese), Oct 4, 2011

Official website:

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