20 years of Biomagical engineering in Porto

The event “20 Years of Biomagical Engineering in Porto” (June 26-27, 2009) celebrated INEB’s 20th anniversary.


Organizing Committee

Ana Paula Pêgo, Fátima Pina, Pedro L. Granja, Perpétua Pinto do Ó, Willem van Meurs

Executive Committee

Ana Paula Filipe, Cristina C. Barrias, Gabriela Afonso, Isabel F. Amaral, Júlio Borlido Santos, Meriem Lamghari, Raquel Gonçalves

Scientific Committee

Alexandre Quintanilha, Ana Maria Mendonça, Aurélio C. Campilho, Fernando Jorge Monteiro, Joaquim P. Marques de Sá, Mário A. Barbosa


Mosteiro de Tibães, Braga


In 2009 INEB is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

To commemorate that we organized, in conjunction with our 10th edition of the Advanced Summer Course on Cell-Materials Interactions (June 22-26), the event “20 Years of Biomagical Engineering in Porto”.

This event aimed to gather high quality, stimulating speakers from several areas of Biomedical Engineering and have them present recent developments and future perspectives in the field. We also aimed to provide insight into new developments in Medicine and Biology with a potential impact in Biomedical Engineering. The event was designed to be relatively small scale (about 200 participants) so that all attendees can participate in numerous informal discussions.

To celebrate this important date we chose the magnificent Mosteiro de Tibães, in Braga (about 50 km of Porto), founded in the 6th and renewed in the 17th century, which provides a beautiful, yet casual setting for scientific discussions and socializing.


June 26, 2009, Engineering with nature

(In conjunction with the 10CMI)


  • Cells or no cells? New paradigms in tissue engineering and regeneration – Buddy Ratner (U Washington Engineered Biomaterials, USA)
  • Designer self-assembling peptide nanomaterials – Shuguang Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Population health: changing the epidemics – Henrique Barros (U Porto, Portugal)
  • Engineering the Bio/Materials Interface – Milan Mrksich (U Chicago, Howards Hughes Medical Institue, USA)
  • Biomaterials in the Pharma Industry: Trends and challenges – Sérgio Simões (Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Celular, and Bluepharma, Portugal)
  • Dinner – Celebration of 20 Years of INEB

June 27, 2009, Inspirational Biology

  • Designing Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Cancer and Infectious Diseases – Ruth Duncan (Cardiff U, Center for Polymer Therapeutics, UK)
  • The neonatal intensive care unit of the future – Sidarto Bambang Oetomo (Maxima Medical Center, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
  • The bioeconomy to 2030 – Michael Oborne (International Futures Programme and the Global Science Fórum)
  • Visit to Tibães Monastery
  • Perspectives on the inflammatory and foreign body responses in tissue engineering: challenges for the future – James Anderson (Case Western Reserve U, USA)
  • Nanoparticles as a vehicle to decrease cancer risk – Carla Oliveira (IPATIMUP, U Porto, Portugal)
  • Spatio-temporal controlo of mitosis – Helder Maiato (IBMC, U Porto, Portugal)

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