Pedro Granja was awarded the 2006 Jean Leray Award, by the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB)

The Jean Leray Award, from the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB), was attributed this year to Pedro Granja. The award ceremony will take place in September 2006, in Nantes (France), during the 20th European Conference on Biomaterials.

According to the ESB, The Jean Leray Award is established to recognize, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials by young scientists. The nominee should not be older than 40 years at the close of nomination and should be not more than 8 years post-doctoral. Furthermore, the nominee must have contributed to the knowledge in the field of biomaterials and/or the material controlled or influenced reactions within the host body through basic, experimental and/or clinical research. The nominee needs neither to be a member of the European Society for Biomaterials nor a citizen of a European country.

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