The Biomaterials Network ( is being totally remodeled

The new is being shaped and it will be a total revolution of the present website. The whole site functionalities are being modified, and new ones are being created. The team is also being remodeled. The main purposes of this upgrade are to facilitate access to the contents of the site and to make browsing more pleasant, intuitive and useful.

New graphics will be the image of this upgrade and are being designed to provide facilitated access to the contents of the site. Much less information will be available at the first glance, although the new site will be richer in terms of amount of information.

As far the specific sections are concerned, some of them will be merged to avoid too much information spreading. Among the new sections there will be the Glossary, with the necessary terms for those not familiarized with the field’s terminology. The news will be provided in a more interactive way, allowing pageviewers to comment its contents and discuss it with a wide audience. The Biomaterials Forum is one of the pearls of the upgrade, and will hopefully become the international forum for all the discussions in biomaterials.

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